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From Our Travel Blog

Top Beaches in Florida to Visit

You’re looking for beaches? In Florida? Sorry, you’ll have to check another place… well, okay, maybe we can scrounge up a couple of names. In truth, Florida’s beaches are the main reason why many visitors pack their bags and fill their tanks whenever they have vacation time to spare. There’s a lot of them to choose from, and all seem equally exceptional – here are 3 that seem to stand out the most, though.

Palm Beach

First on the list is what could easily be considered the heaviest hitter: Palm Beach, in all its 14-mile glory. Palm Beach acts as the representative of a very affluent county, which should speak volumes about the difficulty of its job. And yet, the beach is often considered the premier location not just within the county’s limits but when thinking about all of Florida as well.

From the first moment you lay eyes on it, Palm Beach seems as if it was cut out from someone’s textbook definition of ‘tropical paradise’ without being outside our metaphorical backyards. The beach side’s natural perfection is accentuated by technological innovations throughout the stretch that are meant to make the lives of Florida’s residents and visitors even more comfortable.

Unlike some of Florida’s beautiful beaches, Palm Beach is right in the thick of it all and has no shortage of people around the premises. You’ll have an easier time asking for directions or getting to a grocery store, but if you’re more of a loner, be warned – you might have to walk around a bit to find a secluded spot here.

Naples Beach

Rivaling Palm Beach County’s pride is Naples Beach, a place that doesn’t quite look as if it’s real but feels such as soon as you step onto the warm white sand and gaze into the crystal-clear water.

Naples Pier and the surrounding area is actually split into several smaller beaches – one person could be talking about ‘Naples Beach’ and mean an entirely different location than someone else. Still, purity and an unmistakable glow are traits that every single part of this large beach has in abundance.

Unlike with Palm Beach, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a less-populated spot for you and your family to relax in, as Naples flies under the radar of many. Of course, if you’re feeling social, there are always the more-populated areas that have everything you need to interact with fellow beach-goers, from picnic tables to rentals outfitting you for your water activity of choice.

Clearwater Beach

Compared to some of Florida’s other beaches, Clearwater isn’t that large, only stretching past 3 miles on a good day. And we all know that all of Florida’s beaches feature clear water, so what makes this location worth checking out?

Well, the smaller size combines with the attractiveness of the place to create one of the most tightly-packed social environments out of any beach in the sunny state. All those extra people won’t be a nuisance, either – everyone is minding their own business while still being remarkably open for social encounters.

In terms of beauty, the fact that Clearwater consistently ranks among Florida’s top beaches should say enough about the pleasantly-sandy shores and the warm and clean water. Did we also mention that dolphin-watching tours are a regular thing here?

Best Towns to Summer Vacation in Colorado

Colorado isn’t all about snow – many of its towns make for a great summer vacation spot. In true Colorado spirit, though, there are winter-themed parks and attractions even during the height of summer. Here are some of the state’s best summer vacation towns.

With plenty of quality inns and B&Bs, Boulder is a great vacation spot during any season, although many prefer to hit the road during summertime. Most people familiar with the area visit with a specific spot in mind: the Chatuauqua Historic Landmark. Once you’ve checked in one of the scenic cottages, you’re free to explore miles and miles of hiking trails all around the place. When you’re ready for something with a bit more substance, you can enjoy a quality meal at the historic Chautuauqua Dining Hall, active for over a century. Boulder is also home to the biggest farmer’s market in all of Colorado, as well as a Pearl Street Mall – a place full of interesting people and great shopping opportunities.

Estes Park
The only downside to this beautiful tree-filled town is that it tends to get crowded – it seems everyone knows how awesome it is. If you’re fine with being around lots of folks, though, this is one spot you can’t afford to miss. If you’ve always had a thing for the cowboy lifestyle, but never got a chance to experience it, now’s your chance – Estes hosts a mid-July event called the Rooftop Rodeo. It lasts for 5 days and has everything that a modern cowboy could hope for. The Rocky Mountain Nature Association will help show you what living in the wilderness might be like – nothing like horseback riding and animal tracking with your charged iPhone safely in tow. Of course, Lake Estes is a sight of its own, and also a great spot for fishing or plain old boating.

Steamboat Springs
If the previous locations seem a little ‘dry’ for a summertime visit, Steamboat Springs might be what you’re looking for. Despite the size of the Yampa River, tubers still manage to make the place seem packed as they all look to catch a break from the heat. If you’re not content with just slacking away and would instead prefer to stay active, Steamboat Lake is great for pretty much any water activity involving a floatation device: with easily accessible rentals, you are always invited to try your luck at canoeing, kayaking or rafting. Those who prefer a boat will also enjoy the ample fishing opportunities in the area – Steamboat Lake is one of the top fishing spots in Colorado, and you can really score some nice catches that will round up a ‘camping in the wilderness’-themed visit.

When done with the natural sightseeing, there are plenty of modern attractions to choose from. How about going toe-to-hoof with a mechanical bull or trying out a daring slingshot bungee jump at the Coca Cola Adventure Zone? No matter how you’ve planned out your trip to Steamboat, it’s sure to be a memorable way of spending your summer vacation time.

How to make money travelling

While travelling the world might be the dream for most people, figuring out the finances might be tough challenge to jump past. But there are different things one can do whilst travelling to earn money. Here are a few way to make money while travelling.

    • Freelance- If you are a good writer or photographer, freelancing is a great idea to earn money while travelling. It will give you the freedom of choosing your own kind of job in the country you want to. There are several freelance photographers and writers who travel the world and sell their work to different companies, especially media companies such as BBC, magazines, newspapers, etc.

  • Find temporary job- There are different apps that will help you find temporary jobs in the place you are living in. You can also look for temporary local jobs while interacting with the locals and fellow travellers. However, such kind of jobs will not pay you a lot.
  • Online tutoring- If you are good at something and are interested in teaching, online tutoring will be a good option. You can find different websites which hire online tutors to teach people from across the world in hundreds of subjects.
  • Scuba diving instructor- Being a scuba diving instructor will give you a chance to explore the coastlines of the world and their beauty while earning money. However, you will need a scuba certification to be an instructor. But, if you love diving and good at it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be an instructor.


  • Jobs on cruises- Working on a cruise ship are the perfect way to travel the world for free and earn money at the same time. There are plenty of jobs available on a cruise ship such as bartender, manger, musicians, entertainers, hospital staff, shop staff, waiters and waitresses, massage therapist, etc.
  • Trainer- Having expertise in things such as yoga, meditation, massage, aerobics, etc. will give you a chance to train other people in the same from around the world. Bonus points if you have a good social media following. You can let people know about your training sessions, decide a time and place and can ask them to show up for a class.
  • Chef- Cook your way around the world by being a chef. Hotels, restaurants and other eateries have a high demand for seasonal chefs. The demand is high especially on cruises and resorts. It can also be a great way to learn the local cuisine from a fellow chef.
  • Street performer- If you love getting attention and are great at performing arts, try your luck as a street performer in the country you are travelling to. The money might not be that great, but you have the freedom to decide your own work timings and ethics.

Top 7 destinations for first time backpackers

Back-packing to a different country can be a little scary for the first time. There are so many things you need to consider before travelling solo to an unknown country and living their all alone. So to make your job easier, here is a list of the top 10 destinations you can visit if you are backpacking for the first time.

  1. Naples, Mexico- This charming, colorful and sophisticated beach destination is located on the Gulf Of Mexico. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing with beautiful architecture around you. Naples is a wetland and the vegetation is beautiful, just like the long stretch of beaches that are filled foreigners from all over the world. You can also indulge in your favorite activities ranging from tennis to fishing.
  2. Thailand- Thailand is one of the most popular countries for backpacking in South-east Asia. The land is filled with pristine beaches, thick vegetation and a pretty skyline made from the high-rise buildings. The country also has a rich history and historical monuments that one must visit when in Thailand. The country is very economical, but be wary of locals trying to scam foreigners.
  3. Australia- This is one of the best places to back-pack travel in the world. Language wouldn’t be a problem as everyone in Australia speaks English. Australia is filled with breath-taking beaches, wild waterfalls, big volcanoes, huge mountains and cliffs and thick vegetation, making it appropriate for travelling at any time of the year.
  4. Peru- This is one of the most popular destinations in South America. It is popular for being home to a World Wonder, Machu Picchu. The city is filled with complex historical architecture, beautiful hills in Andes and rich cultural temples. The country has hilltops and beaches. For anyone interested in rich history and countless outdoor activities, Peru is a must visit.peru
  5. Fiji- This tropical island is an unexpected one on the list. This place is filled with backpackers from around the world. The Yasawa Islands are by far the most popular in Fiji amongst the backpackers. This is also a great place for snorkeling and deep-sea diving.
  6. Bali, Indonesia- Bali is well-equipped for solo travellers with its wide range of hills, rivers, cliffs and beaches. The land is filled with beautiful spots like Canguu, Ubud, Kuta, Uluwatu and the neighboring island of Gili Trawangan for solo travellers to explore. Surf lessons, island hopping, beach parties, river rafting, trekking, water sports and adventures on hills are the most popular activities in Bali.
  7. Sweden- For those looking for colder climates to travel to, Sweden is a good go to place. This country in Northern Area stretches into Artic Circle. The cities are wonderfully organized and they have rich cultural and historical background and several monuments and museums for you to visit and learn about their history.

Luxury Holidays on a Budget

Just because you aren’t a part of rich 1% population of the world, does not stopping from travelling like them.  There are several extravagant destinations around the world that give a quality trip in affordable prices. Some of the top places to visit are-

  • Berlin- Want to get that European vacation but cannot afford it? Berlin is a cheaper option that will give you the feel of being in Europe, but stands different from it owing to its rugged architecture, underground culture, and rich history. The Charlottenburg Palace is stands first as a must-visit with its exquisite gardens, art, collection of antiques and the rich 17th century architecture. Save extra cash buy getting the Berlin Welcome Card which gives you lots of discounts and free entries into different places.
  • Fiji- Want to party in Coachella, but find it too expensive? Head out to the dance music festival in Fiji on a private island. The round trip costs about the same as attending Palm Springs or Coachella, but hey! You get to strike off another country from your travel list.
  • France- Live life king size for just $77 in France. Head out to France and you can rent a palace with 3 bedrooms and pool just for around the price of $77.
  • Paris- Look up accommodation agencies around Paris. There are few very reasonable agencies which let you live the life of a fabulous French Local by giving accommodation in some of the most beautiful apartments in the city. The packages begin at $150 a night. These work like an AirBnB and hence, you can save up more by buying groceries and cooking in the kitchen.
  • Ireland- You get to experience a stunning 11 day vacation in Ireland, called as the “The Isle Awakens” by Brendan Vacations. The complete itinerary includes a visit to some of the most surreal filming locations, accommodations, breakfast, guided tours, and a rental car at $1190/person.


  • Bahamas- Here you can stay in paradise for just $269 a night. The Sandals Emerald Bay with a secluded beach which is a mile long, innovatively designed pools, golf course and boat tours are some of the exciting features of the hotel.
  • South Africa- Visit South Africa and explore the jungles of Kruger, Sabi Sand and Madikew by going on some wild life safaris and enjoying the beauties of Mother Nature.
  • Thailand- Leave all your worries aside and live wild in Thailand just for $60 night. Visit the island of Koh Tao and indulge in some deep sea diving in Ban’s Diving Resort for $60 a night. The local cuisine and the local people will make you feel at home and the scenic beach views will make you want to stay there forever.

Advantages of Travelling Solo

Travelling can be an enriching experience, especially when done alone. It makes us realize the importance of exploring the world and learning new things. People around the world believe that travelling solo is a completely different and enriching experience by itself. Here’s why it is better than travelling with a group-

  • You will reflect upon yourself- Travelling alone will give a chance to see yourself in a new dimension. It gives you the chance to explore yourself in different scenarios and learn about yourself more. It will give you a chance to understand the importance of listening and following your heart. The raw experiences you gain from travelling solo show you your true self and how much you are capable of.
  • Pushes your limits- Travelling alone will push you beyond your limits by pushing you out of your comfort zone and make you know how much you can do. You will face different challenges during your travelling which will test your patience and it all depends on how you cope with it. Travelling alone will also test your physical limits in terms of exploring the unexplored, hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • You will meet new friends- Being solo traveller means to explore the local culture of different countries and meet new people. Travelling solo will give you a much better opportunity to meet new people from around the world and be engaged in that particular country.

travel alone

  • Economical- It is one of the most obvious facts that travelling solo is much more economical. It is much easier to stick to the budget and plan your savings. Travelling alone also means not having to stay in expensive hotels and sticking to hostels, which are economical.
  • You get to plan your own trip- When you are travelling alone, you get the freedom to prepare your own itinerary and do things as per your desire, which you won’t be able to find when travelling with a group as you’ll have to adjust according to everyone’s wishes and demands.
  • Less stress- It is easy for group dynamics and routines to creep up on you when you are travelling with a group. If you are travelling alone you do not have to be submissive to the group dynamics or expectations of others and hence feel less stressed but more free.
  • Strikes your creativity- Travelling alone gives you a chance to spend time with yourself and your thoughts. This alone time with your thoughts usually provoke you to be more creative and get creative work done, like writing, drawing or creating music, etc.
  • Makes you happier- As already mentioned, travelling alone will give you a chance to get to know yourself better and the better you know yourself, the happier you are in the future.

Different Types of Travellers

Oh yes! We have a host of variety in the traveller category too!! Go through this piece and then check the boxes of which type you belong to! Read on:

The Solo Travellers:
These are free, untamed and bohemian souls! Their freedom and space are what they want the most, which is why they prefer solo travelling no matter where they go.

The Group Travellers:
This category believes in ‘The more, the merrier!’. They love travelling in groups – which may include family, friends or even unknown people. Company is what they cherish the most, and they believe in ‘what’s the point in having fun and not having anyone with you to share it!’

The Photographers:
Aaah…this is my favourite category! These will equip themselves with a proper camera no matter where on earth they are! They don’t stop at only creating memories; they want to make sure they capture them too! They’ll have the best sunrise, sunset, landscape, waterfall, food, people, monument shots of the places they visit- which is the best way to revisit a place long after you’ve returned!

The Chilled Travellers:
This category is the laid-back, no-worries clan! They’ll go to some place to merely to laze around in a resort or villa. Too much of exploring and running around is not their cup of tea, and they enjoy this solace.

The Organised Travellers:
Not a single item of clothing missing, with all the documents and other travel essentials intact, these are the perfectionists! Anything missing or left back will practically ruin their vacation!

The Carefree Travellers:
This is probably the most experienced category! They will not bother about careful packing and run home from the airport to pick their passport that they left back! In short, their happiness nestles itself in the mess they manage to rack up on every travel outing! And apparently, they seem to enjoy it!

The Foodies:
These people go globe-trotting just to please their taste buds and tummies! They will explore every possible delicacy from every corner in the world and proudly boast about it on social media too! But yes, if at all you need any food recommendations while traveling to any place, this is the go-to category!

The Chatter-box Travellers:
This category can strike up a conversation and bond a friendship with anyone and everyone! Don’t be surprised if people from France, Australia, Italy or Spain feature in their contact lists!

The Pessimists:
They travel to complain. This category wants to travel, but instead of enjoying the new location they are in, they’ll find all faults and negatives in it and won’t even keep it to themselves. They’ll make sure you and everything under the sun knows about the so-called defects this place has!

The Hobby Travellers:
And this category will act like there are no good courses in painting and pottery back in their own countries! They will enroll themselves into courses that fuel their hobbies in a foreign land. They love doing it. So we’re okay with it!

The Obsessive Collectors:
These will wander all around the world just to collect antiques and other things that they love! Increasing their collection with items from all over the world is their only objective. They’ll have visited everything from the posh malls to the street bazaars the place they’re visiting just to make that rare addition to their prized collection!

The Adventure-seekers:
Thrilling is the way they describe their life and travel too! All kinds of adventure activities are on their bucket list, and they make sure every outing helps them strike off an item from that list! They will have attempted all the adrenaline-rushing activities in places around the world.

The Wildlife-enthusiasts:
They’ll travel around and check into every wildlife sanctuary that is on this planet. Basking in and admiring natures glory is something they love to do!

So, have you figured out where you fit in? Or is there some whacky category that I’ve left out?

Tips for Travelling alone


All of us want to have that one solo trip to our dream destination. Far away, all alone, free from all worries, this one solo trip often makes you addicted to solo travel! And why not, Solo Travel has a different charm that any number of group trips cannot create! Although you need to take extra care when you’re travelling solo, it shouldn’t really stop you from venturing out into the world like a free bird! Here are a few tips that you must take into consideration while travelling solo:

Research your destination:
Though there will be many surprises unfolding your way, you should do an extensive research of the place you’re going to visit. You need to know the climatic conditions, geographical terrain, language, traveller rest-rooms – everything. Be prepared for every situation that may probably arise.

Look out for a solo-traveller friendly accommodation:
It’s essential that you find an accommodation that’s safe. Also, there’s a high probability that you’ll come across fellow-travellers with common interests, get acquainted and have fun together!

Learn few words of the language:
No one’s asking you to completely master the language, with all grammar rules and pronunciations! But you need to know a few words, phrases and sentences that may be useful during your stay in any foreign land.

Pack light:
No one wants to go lugging around with heavy baggage, that is often stuffed with unnecessary and irrelevant stuff! So, after you’ve done your research about the weather and geographical terrain, make sure you pack accordingly. Also, make sure your clothes match with the places you’ve planned to visit.

Arrange all necessary documents well in advance:
You sure don’t want to mess with this! Keep your passport, visa, identity proofs and other documents all in a folder so that you need not panic at the last moment. It’s better not to procrastinate some things, and this one should top the list.

Don’t start exploring the moment you land:
Take a day off. It will not only help you get that jet lag off but will also allow you to observe the new place and let it sink in. The interactions among people and environment are something that you should keenly observe.

Don’t hesitate to ask:
You don’t need to be like a high-spirited adventurous traveller, not wanting to ask for help when you actually need it! Ask, it’s the best way to get you out of any confusion or difficult situation.

Be friendly:
Be cheerful and friendly, and greet and smile at the people of this new place. But again, don’t be naive and get carried away. You need to analyse people and try to figure out who can be reliable.

Choose cafeterias with communal tables:
While travelling solo is sheer fun, eating alone can be a bit depressing! So get into a cafeteria with large communal tables and you’ll quickly find yourself interacting and blending with the locals! And there’s no one better than a local who can help you make the most of your trip by showing you around! And the locals can help you explore places which even your maps don’t show! Experiment and try out the local cuisine too.

Walk and use public transport:
Because it’s more fun this way! Walking around helps you to explore and assimilate a place in a much better way. Every country has a unique public transport system, so make sure you experience that too! While there may be trams in one place, there may be a fleet of rickshaws in another! And it’s enjoyable riding on public transport too. It’s cheap, safe and will help you make a lot more acquaintances.

That’s it for now. But do take heed to these pearls of wisdom! Happy Globe-trotting


Top 10 Destinations for Adventure Lovers

This one is for the Adventure Seekers! All you people out there, if adrenaline-rush is your thing, then you also need to try out ‘Exploring the Unexplored’! I’ve listed some off-beat adventure offering destinations around the world that you will definitely be compelled to consider on your next adventure outing!

  1. Kyrgyzstan:

This totally under-rated place is actually superb for adventure seekers! Kyrgyzstan houses a lot of mountains – so much so that 93% of the country is covered with mountains! And if you’re a true adventure seeker at heart, you sure must have sniffed out the scope of adventure sports in this place! A lot of hikes, treks, skiing, snowboards and other sports are organised here all around the year. Definitely worth giving a try!

  1. Costa Rica:

Around 20,000 square miles of forests makes Costa Rica a hub of adventure activities! Ziplining, hot air ballooning, sailing – it has whacky options of adventure sports that you can choose to try out!

  1. Republic of Georgia:

This place is known for both its hospitality and adventure! It is rising as a top destination for adventure seekers owing to the extreme adventure sports Georgia offers. Paragliding, rafting, hiking, trekking and mountain biking are among the variety of activities that Georgia offers. One-stop to feed that adventure hunger!

  1. Canada:

Unexpected in this list, right? Canada is a lot more than beautiful farms and maple syrups! The country offers a lot on its adventure sports platter: Hiking, biking, skiing, paddling and a lot more! Make sure you try this out on your next visit to Canada!

  1. Austria:

The countryside envelopes 75% of this country, making it open to a lot of easy and extreme adventure sports. Skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, parasailing, hiking, camping, river rafting, tubing are all the sports on the adventure sports menu that Austria has to offer. Seems like a must visit!

  1. New Zealand:

New Zealand is a spaced-out country with not a lot of population, which makes you feel like stretches of land are all to yourself! And of course, the adventure sports –Skydiving, swimming with dolphins, canyoning, quad bike safari, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding- you name it, and it’s here!!

  1. Zimbabwe:

Another unexplored country, Zimbabwe is known for its wildlife, and not many think of it from an adventure point of view. To tell all such people, you’re missing out on a lot of adventure! Bungee-jumping, white water rafting, tubing, hiking – it’s all there! Make it a point to visit once.

  1. Brazil:

Yes, it offers so much when it comes to adventure sports! Hang gliding, kite surfing, swimming, tree climbing, canoeing, diving – a little different than the regulars!

  1. Iceland:

The land of Fire and Ice, Iceland is known for its freezing glaciers and hot springs! You have a whole lot of adventure once you step into Iceland! Trekking through the snow, hiking through the glaciers, snorkeling are some of the few things it has to offer.

  1. Argentina:

It is literally so beautiful that it will surely leave you in awe of everything you see around! And adventure wise too, trekking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, biking, sailing are on the list! Great to take your adventurous streak to another level!

So what are you waiting for? Pick a destination, pack your bags and go fan that adventurous fire in you!

Types of Trips to take once in a Lifetime!

We all love holidays. And if a trip is planned during holidays, the fun is doubled! Trips are special because we do a lot of fun things and end up creating a million memories! Everything gets so exciting the moment we hear the words “We’re going on a trip…” While you must have travelled a lot, we’ve brought to your notice few kinds of trips which you may have not yet taken. Do go through and make it a point to work these out!

A solo trip:
You have to go for at least one solo trip and believe me; it changes your life! Your perspectives, your opinions, confidence, level of independence – everything changes for good. While you may be an introvert, scared, shy or even a people’s person who loves to go with a group, you need to take this bold step for your own sake! And yes, don’t forget to thank me when you return with tonnes of lifetime memories!

Only friends trip:
Let’s accept it: they make our life vibrant and worth living! So why not take them along and let them paint your vacation too? Choose a destination which will be loved by all your best friends and make sure there’s something that each one likes to do. Merely catching up with your friends itself is so great, imagine the kind of fun you’ll have when you set out on this beautiful trip!

Family trip:
Because when all options ran out, these were the only ones who you looked up to! Treat them and make them feel special! If possible, make it an extended family affair – the more, the merrier! All the chaos and confusion and squabbles that are sure to happen during this trip will make it nothing but memorable!

All girls/boys trip:
These trips are enjoyable! You can do whatever you wanted to and with your best gal pals or bros with you in it, this sure is going to be a trip to remember! Plan all that whacky stuff you all had always planned to and have fun!

A laze around trip:
It’s not necessary that every time you step out for a vacation, you have to do something! Sometimes you can just take a chill pill and relax. Book a resort or a cosy villa and laze around all day doing nothing! It can be so therapeutic just to take some time off and be by yourselves!

The ultimate food trip:
Plan a trip to any of the most popular for food countries around the world and try out all the exquisite cuisine that you find throughout these countries! Just hog (and if possible jog) and hog and please your tummy to the fullest! Foodies, listen up!

The Adventure sports trip:
Nothing but the adventure on this trip! Dive, hike, trek, kayak, bungee-jump – do everything that your heart wanted to, and your mind didn’t allow you to!

A Road trip:
Chart out your route, get a vehicle and set off on this exciting trip that will give you a plethora of experiences! Choose off-beat countries and drive through them, exploring every inch!

I gave you a lot of ideas, and now it’s your turn to implement them!


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