This one is for the Adventure Seekers! All you people out there, if adrenaline-rush is your thing, then you also need to try out ‘Exploring the Unexplored’! I’ve listed some off-beat adventure offering destinations around the world that you will definitely be compelled to consider on your next adventure outing!

  1. Kyrgyzstan:

This totally under-rated place is actually superb for adventure seekers! Kyrgyzstan houses a lot of mountains – so much so that 93% of the country is covered with mountains! And if you’re a true adventure seeker at heart, you sure must have sniffed out the scope of adventure sports in this place! A lot of hikes, treks, skiing, snowboards and other sports are organised here all around the year. Definitely worth giving a try!

  1. Costa Rica:

Around 20,000 square miles of forests makes Costa Rica a hub of adventure activities! Ziplining, hot air ballooning, sailing – it has whacky options of adventure sports that you can choose to try out!

  1. Republic of Georgia:

This place is known for both its hospitality and adventure! It is rising as a top destination for adventure seekers owing to the extreme adventure sports Georgia offers. Paragliding, rafting, hiking, trekking and mountain biking are among the variety of activities that Georgia offers. One-stop to feed that adventure hunger!

  1. Canada:

Unexpected in this list, right? Canada is a lot more than beautiful farms and maple syrups! The country offers a lot on its adventure sports platter: Hiking, biking, skiing, paddling and a lot more! Make sure you try this out on your next visit to Canada!

  1. Austria:

The countryside envelopes 75% of this country, making it open to a lot of easy and extreme adventure sports. Skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, parasailing, hiking, camping, river rafting, tubing are all the sports on the adventure sports menu that Austria has to offer. Seems like a must visit!

  1. New Zealand:

New Zealand is a spaced-out country with not a lot of population, which makes you feel like stretches of land are all to yourself! And of course, the adventure sports –Skydiving, swimming with dolphins, canyoning, quad bike safari, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding- you name it, and it’s here!!

  1. Zimbabwe:

Another unexplored country, Zimbabwe is known for its wildlife, and not many think of it from an adventure point of view. To tell all such people, you’re missing out on a lot of adventure! Bungee-jumping, white water rafting, tubing, hiking – it’s all there! Make it a point to visit once.

  1. Brazil:

Yes, it offers so much when it comes to adventure sports! Hang gliding, kite surfing, swimming, tree climbing, canoeing, diving – a little different than the regulars!

  1. Iceland:

The land of Fire and Ice, Iceland is known for its freezing glaciers and hot springs! You have a whole lot of adventure once you step into Iceland! Trekking through the snow, hiking through the glaciers, snorkeling are some of the few things it has to offer.

  1. Argentina:

It is literally so beautiful that it will surely leave you in awe of everything you see around! And adventure wise too, trekking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, biking, sailing are on the list! Great to take your adventurous streak to another level!

So what are you waiting for? Pick a destination, pack your bags and go fan that adventurous fire in you!