All of us want to have that one solo trip to our dream destination. Far away, all alone, free from all worries, this one solo trip often makes you addicted to solo travel! And why not, Solo Travel has a different charm that any number of group trips cannot create! Although you need to take extra care when you’re travelling solo, it shouldn’t really stop you from venturing out into the world like a free bird! Here are a few tips that you must take into consideration while travelling solo:

Research your destination:
Though there will be many surprises unfolding your way, you should do an extensive research of the place you’re going to visit. You need to know the climatic conditions, geographical terrain, language, traveller rest-rooms – everything. Be prepared for every situation that may probably arise.

Look out for a solo-traveller friendly accommodation:
It’s essential that you find an accommodation that’s safe. Also, there’s a high probability that you’ll come across fellow-travellers with common interests, get acquainted and have fun together!

Learn few words of the language:
No one’s asking you to completely master the language, with all grammar rules and pronunciations! But you need to know a few words, phrases and sentences that may be useful during your stay in any foreign land.

Pack light:
No one wants to go lugging around with heavy baggage, that is often stuffed with unnecessary and irrelevant stuff! So, after you’ve done your research about the weather and geographical terrain, make sure you pack accordingly. Also, make sure your clothes match with the places you’ve planned to visit.

Arrange all necessary documents well in advance:
You sure don’t want to mess with this! Keep your passport, visa, identity proofs and other documents all in a folder so that you need not panic at the last moment. It’s better not to procrastinate some things, and this one should top the list.

Don’t start exploring the moment you land:
Take a day off. It will not only help you get that jet lag off but will also allow you to observe the new place and let it sink in. The interactions among people and environment are something that you should keenly observe.

Don’t hesitate to ask:
You don’t need to be like a high-spirited adventurous traveller, not wanting to ask for help when you actually need it! Ask, it’s the best way to get you out of any confusion or difficult situation.

Be friendly:
Be cheerful and friendly, and greet and smile at the people of this new place. But again, don’t be naive and get carried away. You need to analyse people and try to figure out who can be reliable.

Choose cafeterias with communal tables:
While travelling solo is sheer fun, eating alone can be a bit depressing! So get into a cafeteria with large communal tables and you’ll quickly find yourself interacting and blending with the locals! And there’s no one better than a local who can help you make the most of your trip by showing you around! And the locals can help you explore places which even your maps don’t show! Experiment and try out the local cuisine too.

Walk and use public transport:
Because it’s more fun this way! Walking around helps you to explore and assimilate a place in a much better way. Every country has a unique public transport system, so make sure you experience that too! While there may be trams in one place, there may be a fleet of rickshaws in another! And it’s enjoyable riding on public transport too. It’s cheap, safe and will help you make a lot more acquaintances.

That’s it for now. But do take heed to these pearls of wisdom! Happy Globe-trotting