Oh yes! We have a host of variety in the traveller category too!! Go through this piece and then check the boxes of which type you belong to! Read on:

The Solo Travellers:
These are free, untamed and bohemian souls! Their freedom and space are what they want the most, which is why they prefer solo travelling no matter where they go.

The Group Travellers:
This category believes in ‘The more, the merrier!’. They love travelling in groups – which may include family, friends or even unknown people. Company is what they cherish the most, and they believe in ‘what’s the point in having fun and not having anyone with you to share it!’

The Photographers:
Aaah…this is my favourite category! These will equip themselves with a proper camera no matter where on earth they are! They don’t stop at only creating memories; they want to make sure they capture them too! They’ll have the best sunrise, sunset, landscape, waterfall, food, people, monument shots of the places they visit- which is the best way to revisit a place long after you’ve returned!

The Chilled Travellers:
This category is the laid-back, no-worries clan! They’ll go to some place to merely to laze around in a resort or villa. Too much of exploring and running around is not their cup of tea, and they enjoy this solace.

The Organised Travellers:
Not a single item of clothing missing, with all the documents and other travel essentials intact, these are the perfectionists! Anything missing or left back will practically ruin their vacation!

The Carefree Travellers:
This is probably the most experienced category! They will not bother about careful packing and run home from the airport to pick their passport that they left back! In short, their happiness nestles itself in the mess they manage to rack up on every travel outing! And apparently, they seem to enjoy it!

The Foodies:
These people go globe-trotting just to please their taste buds and tummies! They will explore every possible delicacy from every corner in the world and proudly boast about it on social media too! But yes, if at all you need any food recommendations while traveling to any place, this is the go-to category!

The Chatter-box Travellers:
This category can strike up a conversation and bond a friendship with anyone and everyone! Don’t be surprised if people from France, Australia, Italy or Spain feature in their contact lists!

The Pessimists:
They travel to complain. This category wants to travel, but instead of enjoying the new location they are in, they’ll find all faults and negatives in it and won’t even keep it to themselves. They’ll make sure you and everything under the sun knows about the so-called defects this place has!

The Hobby Travellers:
And this category will act like there are no good courses in painting and pottery back in their own countries! They will enroll themselves into courses that fuel their hobbies in a foreign land. They love doing it. So we’re okay with it!

The Obsessive Collectors:
These will wander all around the world just to collect antiques and other things that they love! Increasing their collection with items from all over the world is their only objective. They’ll have visited everything from the posh malls to the street bazaars the place they’re visiting just to make that rare addition to their prized collection!

The Adventure-seekers:
Thrilling is the way they describe their life and travel too! All kinds of adventure activities are on their bucket list, and they make sure every outing helps them strike off an item from that list! They will have attempted all the adrenaline-rushing activities in places around the world.

The Wildlife-enthusiasts:
They’ll travel around and check into every wildlife sanctuary that is on this planet. Basking in and admiring natures glory is something they love to do!

So, have you figured out where you fit in? Or is there some whacky category that I’ve left out?