You’re looking for beaches? In Florida? Sorry, you’ll have to check another place… well, okay, maybe we can scrounge up a couple of names. In truth, Florida’s beaches are the main reason why many visitors pack their bags and fill their tanks whenever they have vacation time to spare. There’s a lot of them to choose from, and all seem equally exceptional – here are 3 that seem to stand out the most, though.

Palm Beach

First on the list is what could easily be considered the heaviest hitter: Palm Beach, in all its 14-mile glory. Palm Beach acts as the representative of a very affluent county, which should speak volumes about the difficulty of its job. And yet, the beach is often considered the premier location not just within the county’s limits but when thinking about all of Florida as well.

From the first moment you lay eyes on it, Palm Beach seems as if it was cut out from someone’s textbook definition of ‘tropical paradise’ without being outside our metaphorical backyards. The beach side’s natural perfection is accentuated by technological innovations throughout the stretch that are meant to make the lives of Florida’s residents and visitors even more comfortable.

Unlike some of Florida’s beautiful beaches, Palm Beach is right in the thick of it all and has no shortage of people around the premises. You’ll have an easier time asking for directions or getting to a grocery store, but if you’re more of a loner, be warned – you might have to walk around a bit to find a secluded spot here.

Naples Beach

Rivaling Palm Beach County’s pride is Naples Beach, a place that doesn’t quite look as if it’s real but feels such as soon as you step onto the warm white sand and gaze into the crystal-clear water.

Naples Pier and the surrounding area is actually split into several smaller beaches – one person could be talking about ‘Naples Beach’ and mean an entirely different location than someone else. Still, purity and an unmistakable glow are traits that every single part of this large beach has in abundance.

Unlike with Palm Beach, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a less-populated spot for you and your family to relax in, as Naples flies under the radar of many. Of course, if you’re feeling social, there are always the more-populated areas that have everything you need to interact with fellow beach-goers, from picnic tables to rentals outfitting you for your water activity of choice.

Clearwater Beach

Compared to some of Florida’s other beaches, Clearwater isn’t that large, only stretching past 3 miles on a good day. And we all know that all of Florida’s beaches feature clear water, so what makes this location worth checking out?

Well, the smaller size combines with the attractiveness of the place to create one of the most tightly-packed social environments out of any beach in the sunny state. All those extra people won’t be a nuisance, either – everyone is minding their own business while still being remarkably open for social encounters.

In terms of beauty, the fact that Clearwater consistently ranks among Florida’s top beaches should say enough about the pleasantly-sandy shores and the warm and clean water. Did we also mention that dolphin-watching tours are a regular thing here?