Travelling can be an enriching experience, especially when done alone. It makes us realize the importance of exploring the world and learning new things. People around the world believe that travelling solo is a completely different and enriching experience by itself. Here’s why it is better than travelling with a group-

  • You will reflect upon yourself- Travelling alone will give a chance to see yourself in a new dimension. It gives you the chance to explore yourself in different scenarios and learn about yourself more. It will give you a chance to understand the importance of listening and following your heart. The raw experiences you gain from travelling solo show you your true self and how much you are capable of.
  • Pushes your limits- Travelling alone will push you beyond your limits by pushing you out of your comfort zone and make you know how much you can do. You will face different challenges during your travelling which will test your patience and it all depends on how you cope with it. Travelling alone will also test your physical limits in terms of exploring the unexplored, hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • You will meet new friends- Being solo traveller means to explore the local culture of different countries and meet new people. Travelling solo will give you a much better opportunity to meet new people from around the world and be engaged in that particular country.

travel alone

  • Economical- It is one of the most obvious facts that travelling solo is much more economical. It is much easier to stick to the budget and plan your savings. Travelling alone also means not having to stay in expensive hotels and sticking to hostels, which are economical.
  • You get to plan your own trip- When you are travelling alone, you get the freedom to prepare your own itinerary and do things as per your desire, which you won’t be able to find when travelling with a group as you’ll have to adjust according to everyone’s wishes and demands.
  • Less stress- It is easy for group dynamics and routines to creep up on you when you are travelling with a group. If you are travelling alone you do not have to be submissive to the group dynamics or expectations of others and hence feel less stressed but more free.
  • Strikes your creativity- Travelling alone gives you a chance to spend time with yourself and your thoughts. This alone time with your thoughts usually provoke you to be more creative and get creative work done, like writing, drawing or creating music, etc.
  • Makes you happier- As already mentioned, travelling alone will give you a chance to get to know yourself better and the better you know yourself, the happier you are in the future.