While travelling the world might be the dream for most people, figuring out the finances might be tough challenge to jump past. But there are different things one can do whilst travelling to earn money. Here are a few way to make money while travelling.

    • Freelance- If you are a good writer or photographer, freelancing is a great idea to earn money while travelling. It will give you the freedom of choosing your own kind of job in the country you want to. There are several freelance photographers and writers who travel the world and sell their work to different companies, especially media companies such as BBC, magazines, newspapers, etc.

  • Find temporary job- There are different apps that will help you find temporary jobs in the place you are living in. You can also look for temporary local jobs while interacting with the locals and fellow travellers. However, such kind of jobs will not pay you a lot.
  • Online tutoring- If you are good at something and are interested in teaching, online tutoring will be a good option. You can find different websites which hire online tutors to teach people from across the world in hundreds of subjects.
  • Scuba diving instructor- Being a scuba diving instructor will give you a chance to explore the coastlines of the world and their beauty while earning money. However, you will need a scuba certification to be an instructor. But, if you love diving and good at it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be an instructor.


  • Jobs on cruises- Working on a cruise ship are the perfect way to travel the world for free and earn money at the same time. There are plenty of jobs available on a cruise ship such as bartender, manger, musicians, entertainers, hospital staff, shop staff, waiters and waitresses, massage therapist, etc.
  • Trainer- Having expertise in things such as yoga, meditation, massage, aerobics, etc. will give you a chance to train other people in the same from around the world. Bonus points if you have a good social media following. You can let people know about your training sessions, decide a time and place and can ask them to show up for a class.
  • Chef- Cook your way around the world by being a chef. Hotels, restaurants and other eateries have a high demand for seasonal chefs. The demand is high especially on cruises and resorts. It can also be a great way to learn the local cuisine from a fellow chef.
  • Street performer- If you love getting attention and are great at performing arts, try your luck as a street performer in the country you are travelling to. The money might not be that great, but you have the freedom to decide your own work timings and ethics.