We all love holidays. And if a trip is planned during holidays, the fun is doubled! Trips are special because we do a lot of fun things and end up creating a million memories! Everything gets so exciting the moment we hear the words “We’re going on a trip…” While you must have travelled a lot, we’ve brought to your notice few kinds of trips which you may have not yet taken. Do go through and make it a point to work these out!

A solo trip:
You have to go for at least one solo trip and believe me; it changes your life! Your perspectives, your opinions, confidence, level of independence – everything changes for good. While you may be an introvert, scared, shy or even a people’s person who loves to go with a group, you need to take this bold step for your own sake! And yes, don’t forget to thank me when you return with tonnes of lifetime memories!

Only friends trip:
Let’s accept it: they make our life vibrant and worth living! So why not take them along and let them paint your vacation too? Choose a destination which will be loved by all your best friends and make sure there’s something that each one likes to do. Merely catching up with your friends itself is so great, imagine the kind of fun you’ll have when you set out on this beautiful trip!

Family trip:
Because when all options ran out, these were the only ones who you looked up to! Treat them and make them feel special! If possible, make it an extended family affair – the more, the merrier! All the chaos and confusion and squabbles that are sure to happen during this trip will make it nothing but memorable!

All girls/boys trip:
These trips are enjoyable! You can do whatever you wanted to and with your best gal pals or bros with you in it, this sure is going to be a trip to remember! Plan all that whacky stuff you all had always planned to and have fun!

A laze around trip:
It’s not necessary that every time you step out for a vacation, you have to do something! Sometimes you can just take a chill pill and relax. Book a resort or a cosy villa and laze around all day doing nothing! It can be so therapeutic just to take some time off and be by yourselves!

The ultimate food trip:
Plan a trip to any of the most popular for food countries around the world and try out all the exquisite cuisine that you find throughout these countries! Just hog (and if possible jog) and hog and please your tummy to the fullest! Foodies, listen up!

The Adventure sports trip:
Nothing but the adventure on this trip! Dive, hike, trek, kayak, bungee-jump – do everything that your heart wanted to, and your mind didn’t allow you to!

A Road trip:
Chart out your route, get a vehicle and set off on this exciting trip that will give you a plethora of experiences! Choose off-beat countries and drive through them, exploring every inch!

I gave you a lot of ideas, and now it’s your turn to implement them!