Colorado isn’t all about snow – many of its towns make for a great summer vacation spot. In true Colorado spirit, though, there are winter-themed parks and attractions even during the height of summer. Here are some of the state’s best summer vacation towns.

With plenty of quality inns and B&Bs, Boulder is a great vacation spot during any season, although many prefer to hit the road during summertime. Most people familiar with the area visit with a specific spot in mind: the Chatuauqua Historic Landmark. Once you’ve checked in one of the scenic cottages, you’re free to explore miles and miles of hiking trails all around the place. When you’re ready for something with a bit more substance, you can enjoy a quality meal at the historic Chautuauqua Dining Hall, active for over a century. Boulder is also home to the biggest farmer’s market in all of Colorado, as well as a Pearl Street Mall – a place full of interesting people and great shopping opportunities.

Estes Park
The only downside to this beautiful tree-filled town is that it tends to get crowded – it seems everyone knows how awesome it is. If you’re fine with being around lots of folks, though, this is one spot you can’t afford to miss. If you’ve always had a thing for the cowboy lifestyle, but never got a chance to experience it, now’s your chance – Estes hosts a mid-July event called the Rooftop Rodeo. It lasts for 5 days and has everything that a modern cowboy could hope for. The Rocky Mountain Nature Association will help show you what living in the wilderness might be like – nothing like horseback riding and animal tracking with your charged iPhone safely in tow. Of course, Lake Estes is a sight of its own, and also a great spot for fishing or plain old boating.

Steamboat Springs
If the previous locations seem a little ‘dry’ for a summertime visit, Steamboat Springs might be what you’re looking for. Despite the size of the Yampa River, tubers still manage to make the place seem packed as they all look to catch a break from the heat. If you’re not content with just slacking away and would instead prefer to stay active, Steamboat Lake is great for pretty much any water activity involving a floatation device: with easily accessible rentals, you are always invited to try your luck at canoeing, kayaking or rafting. Those who prefer a boat will also enjoy the ample fishing opportunities in the area – Steamboat Lake is one of the top fishing spots in Colorado, and you can really score some nice catches that will round up a ‘camping in the wilderness’-themed visit.

When done with the natural sightseeing, there are plenty of modern attractions to choose from. How about going toe-to-hoof with a mechanical bull or trying out a daring slingshot bungee jump at the Coca Cola Adventure Zone? No matter how you’ve planned out your trip to Steamboat, it’s sure to be a memorable way of spending your summer vacation time.